Did You Know?

Limited access to culturally responsive resources hinders academic achievement and longterm outcomes among BIPOC students.

Our Solution

Through a decolonial and antiracist lens, we provide equity-driven and culturally sensitive programming, facilitation, strategy and coaching to K through University students, educators and education leaders.

Research & Strategy

  • Mixed-methods data collection
  • Strategic planning and visioning 
  • Landscape & root cause analysis 

Program Design & Curriculum Development

  • K-12 culturally responsive curriculum development
  • University-level curriculum evaluation and design 
  • Educator training program creation

Coaching & Facilitation

  • Community-building activities, events and retreats
  • BIPOC and women leadership support
  • Professional development workshops (students and educators)

Community Engagement & Narrative Building

  • Community engagement assessments 
  • Program evaluations
  • Organizational storytelling

Our Flagship Pilot

#Read | #Watch | #Learn | #Improve

An integrated and authentic professional development program for scholars of color

R.E.A.L. Graduate Student Fellowship

The R.E.A.L. Graduate Student Fellowship is our cohort-based, multi-curriculum fellowship program for historically underrepresented doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences. The program aims to positively impact the retention and completion rates among graduate students of color by providing them with community, development, and resources they need to thrive (not just survive) in graduate school.

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What People Say

"The ESD workshop on educational access for underserved students was truly impressive...affirming and insightful. [REAL] is deeply committed to diversity, inclusion, equity and academic excellence."

Rosemary Effiom,

Director, MMUF Program, Amherst College
"My consultation with Dr. Jessica Samuel was a transformative experience. Her insightful guidance not only provided crucial perspectives on my dissertation research but also served as a source of inspiration and empowerment. Dr. Samuel brought a unique blend of academic expertise and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by black women in academia, creating a space where my voice and research were truly valued. I highly recommend her services to fellow scholars seeking not only academic support but also an ally who understands the nuances of our shared journey in higher education."
Essah Diaz,
Doctoral Candidate, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus
"Dr. Samuel and I collaborated to develop a life skills curriculum for a state-wide juvenile justice agency. Dr. Samuel reviewed and wrote a curriculum that was culturally responsive for the youth population. She successfully worked to enhance existing drafts of the curriculum to elevate the sensitivity and cultural humility needed to teach young men of color involved in the juvenile justice system. Dr. Samuel asks targeted questions to improve the project plan and works efficiently to complete tasks. I would definitely work with Dr. Samuel again."
 Charline Alexandre-Joseph,
Director for Workforce Development, MENTOR
"Overall, it was nice to back up from our niche research topics and think about the larger picture of why we do the work we do. It was also refreshing to think about the ethics of doing research and how we can leverage what we do have to help those communities most important to us."
MMUF Student
Amherst College
"The Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT) is proud to count Dr. Jessica Shamida Samuel among its esteemed and accomplished alumni who have come back to serve in various capacities since graduating from our program. In the spirit of paying it forward to future generations of scholars and educators, Dr. Samuel has returned to IRT in order to lead workshops around holistic wellness for BIPOC students and sit on alumni panels where she discusses what it means to be successful in graduate school. We enthusiastically anticipate more contributions to the IRT curriculum, pedagogy, and media spaces from her in years to come!."
Brittany Zorn, 
Arts & Sciences Program Specialist, IRT