Radical Identity Development

Are you struggling to belong in your graduate program?

Do you often feel like your background is perceived as a barrier to your academic success?

Do you need help identifying what makes you unique and leveraging your strengths?



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Dr. Jessica S. Samuel


6 Modules & 2 Coaching Sessions


8 weeks



About the course

Through this curriculum, you will clarify who you are as well as your motivations for embarking upon the PhD journey. By radically engaging with various aspects of your identity, background, motivations and interests, you will be invited to ground your academic pursuits in a larger, intentional sense of purpose and contribution. Through a series of exercises and reflections, you will be begin to critically contend with your politics and commitments as a scholar and develop strategies for how to effectively and authentically pursue your graduate degree.

Embrace Identity

This eCourse will provide you with the tools to identify aspects of your background and experiences that make you unique.

Grow Mindset

How you think about yourself and what you are capable of is an essential aspect of unlocking your potential. 

Clarify Purpose

Understanding who you are and what you believe about your self will allow you to uncover your purpose and the PhD's role in fulfilling it. 

6 Modules

In just 6 modules, you will dig deep in identifying who you are, why you decided to get on this journey and how you can get through it effectively and efficiently!

2 Live Coaching Sessions

Through live group coaching sessions you will be offered real-time support and advice for some of your most challenging PhD problems.

Accountability Team

You will be assigned a team of 2-3 individuals who will work to keep each other on track as you complete this course. 

Onboarding & Wrap-up Meetings

You will have the opportunity to meet the founder, learn more about REAL and interact with other students through our introductory group call and end-of-course wrap-up session.  

Course Lessons

Dr. Jessica S. Samuel

Educator. Scholar. Decolonial Activist.
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Dr. Jessica S. Samuel is the founder & CEO of Radical Education & Advocacy League, LLC (REAL), an educational equity firm focused on helping historically underserved students thrive, not just survive. She is an educator, interdisciplinary scholar, and decolonial activist whose work focuses on race, education, colonialism and the environment, including where they all might converge, in the United States and Caribbean. Dr. Samuel serves as an appointed member of several education boards and civic committees. 

She holds a PhD in American Studies from Boston University, a Master of Education from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and a Bachelor in African American Studies and Anthropology from Wesleyan University. Dr. Samuel is an alumna of the Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers, Teach for America, and the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship.
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